Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, hold your horses--and those pitchforks away from me. I know I deserve those being thrown at me and me being tied to the stake and burned but before you do that, let me just say thanks for all the comments over the past years that I was gone. It was very motivating--even some of those flames there. ^^;

Now, here's a confession from me:

I don't know if you have heard of Yhannen Greystone, if you do, then well, you'll be shocked--we're the same person. No, I'm not joking. It's true. We're the same, I mean, look at the stories and you'll see the similarities!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest~ WAIT! No, not yet. Don't throw the gas and heated oil yet! I still have more to say.

This blog hasn't been updated for ages (and you prolly hate me for that, I can understand) but good news, I've moved to wordpress! And this time, I hope to be of more service. (Service?) Ehem. I want to continue my fics and I do have continuations for them, however, bad news--my computer crashed a few months ago and I bought two new laptops.

So, I'll start again from scratch! ^^

All of my stories are now posted at www.vanijane.wordpress.com! My blog there is called, yes, you guessed it! "ETERNAL PARADISE II"!

I hope I'd see you guys there. Even my Yhannen Greystone fics are there!

Wait, before you throw those stuff, one last thing--Over the years of my absence, I've began writing Originals as in, not fanfiction. So, I hope you guys would also take the time to read and comment on those (when I do get on posting those).

It's not much, but I just get motivated everytime I read a review/comment whether old or new. ^^

So, NOW, if you still want to throw those weapons, burning oil and whatnot at Kiori, go on. 8D Torture Kiori yet Yhannen lives on! Lolz.

Kiori Kono, over and out!
For now at least!
-If you haven't killed her. ^^


Soon, my fanfiction.net account will be empty because I'm transferring all my stories into the Yhannen Greystone account--which is now known as "Vani Jane de Blab". Yeah, I changed my penname 'coz Yhannen was my childhood. Kiori was my teenhood. Vani Jane is my now-hood.

Any questions and what not e-mail me at my new e-mail account: vanijane19@gmail.com

Or you can visit me at: www.vanijane.wordpress.com

Now, you can torture Kiori.